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JLII7XS2SGFixed a problem where if two different pictures were uploaded to Sametime and Connections and the Connections business card was used in Sametime, ...
DWHD7ZVS7BFixed a problem where a blank business card was displayed when a user in the Sametime buddy list did not have an LDAP name...
JOGA7V4MZ6Prior to this fix, the Unified Instant Messaging client automatically added multiple communities for different servers in the same...
HYAG7Y35NMFixed a problem where the Primary contacts list was expanded after upgrading.
BODN7STENMPrior to this fix, the ringing alert tone was played through the "speaker" device and not through the "ringing" device.
BLIE7VANFSFixed a problem where the PlatformUtil was using an inefficient Bundle.getHeaders() method.
CSAH7X8JMXTray icon disappears after launching Notes, opening a chat window and closing Notes. The error "Event loop exception" is displayed in the server...
HJWI7XXC8NFixed a problem where the video screen was not displayed correctly when the video stream was transferred by the Reflector Server.
CBRN784T2AFixed a problem where the the Instant Meeting title shows login name instead of the user name.
BMUY7Y3SE4Markup is no longer truncated when sent from the web client to the rich client.
TWOF7TSLJGFixed a problem where an extra number was suffixed after entering numbers on the dialpad and hitting enter.
JPAS7ZGVAHTelephony presence Icons not updated in 'Primary Contacts'.
CREH7YCSLYPrior to this fix, when configured to use Domino SSO, the Sametime client would only attempt to automatically reconnect one time in response to a...
WCDL7D64Z7Fixed a focus issue that may potentially cause misdirected messages.
LJGO7VKB4PFixed an error which is displayed an then quickly disappears when logging onto a second community.
SJSH7VZ5XTIn some cases starting a voice chat with another 8.0.2 does nothing. This problem can occur when the preferred device has not yet been set. The...
JBAA7XYMHWWhen configured for token authentication the Event Broker required all users to be using tokens. The behavior has not been resolved and all users do...
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